Thursday, July 21, 2016

Payton's Intern Guide to SPD

Hi everyone!

These past couple weeks at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) kept Shae and I very busy! We were given three different projects to focus on during the two weeks we were there, as well as had the opportunity to meet the other BMV interns and many different BMV executives.

The first project we focused on was BMV department name changes. This consisted of talking with the different executives in charge of the departments and deciding on a new department name that fits these employees’ day-to-day tasks. After we decided on the names, we helped the different employees into their right departments, making sure all the new information was correct and ready to update in the system.

The next project we worked on was looking through employee disciplines for 2015 and 2016 to identify the different policies and procedures employees had broken. The purpose of this was to hopefully see a pattern in the policies and procedures broken, and use that to help update and better the employee training programs so that there are less employee disciplines in the future.

The last project I worked on was analyzing the turnover rate for a BMV department. This was an interesting project to work on because it gave me the opportunity to compare turnover rates for different positions and understand more how this data could be helpful information when using it to better retention and recruiting for positions.

There were also a couple different activities planned for all Governor’s Summer Interns. All of us interns attended a speech given by Governor Mike Pence in his office. We learned about the different history held there, and had the chance to ask him questions. We also all participated in a tour of the War Memorial Museum, which was an amazing learning experience!

Time has really flown by this summer. I only have a month left of this internship before I head back to school! Make sure to read my last two blogs!

Payton Reardon

HR Intern

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