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This is a list of top frequently asked questions regarding how to use the state online job application system.  If you do not see your question listed below or have additional questions, please go to your local WorkOne office or call 1-855-SPD-INHR (option 2) for more assistance.

I forgot my username and/or password.
You can request your username and password using Login Help located inside the lower right corner of the “Login” box.  To get your username and/or password:

1.      If you do not remember your username, please go to the box “Forgot your User Name?”, enter your email address, and click Find User Name.
2.      If you remember your username, please go to the box “Forgot your password?”, enter the username, and click Get New Password.
3.      Go to your email account and look for an email from “” and follow the instructions to obtain either your user name or new password.  If you needed to find your user name, please go back to Login Help and follow the “Forgot your password?” instructions given in #2.
4.      Once you have your user name and password please go to the “Careers” page and enter them into the “Login” box.
5.      Click Login.
6.      On your “Careers Home” page, click My Profile in order to change your password. 
7.      In the “Member Information” box, click Change Password.
8.      Enter and Confirm your new password and click Submit.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unsure what email account you have listed in your profile or are not receiving any emails from “”, feel free to call 1-855-SPD-INHR (option 2) and someone from the employment team will be able to assist you.

How can I update my resume?
To update or add a new resume, you will need to log into your account and click on 'Apply Without Selecting Job.' You will then see a message prompting you to copy/paste a resume, apply without a resume, or use an existing resume. Select 'copy/paste resume' and click 'continue.'

You will then be able to copy/paste your resume into the system. PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT be able to delete or edit any existing resumes from the system; however when you apply to jobs in the future, you will be able to select the resume you'd like to use.

Once you are finished adding your resume, click 'next' until you get to the end of the application. Please note if there is additional information you'd like to add or change, you may do so at this time as you proceed through the application.

Once you reach the end of the application, you will need to self identify and agree to the terms. When you agree to the terms, the 'submit' button will activate. Click 'submit' to successfully add your updated resume. Please call 1-855-SPD-INHR (option 2) if you have additional questions.

How can I add my resume as an attachment?
An applicant has the option to scan their resume into their profile. This would keep the appearance of the resume as is. Once the document is scanned and saved on their computer, the applicant would need to perform the following steps to attach it to their profile:
1.      Log into your account
2.      Go to Career Tools
3.      Click on Cover Letters and Attachments
4.      Click on +Add Attachment underneath the “Cover Letters and Attachments” section
5.      Select Other as the “Attachment Type” from the drop down menu, name the purpose of your document and then click on Add Attachment
6.      Locate the document on your computer and attach it

PLEASE NOTE: Any documents you attach to this section will automatically attach to jobs you are either in the process of applying to or have already applied to.  You can attach documents to this section at any time.

Updating Education (External Applicant)
To update your profile, please visit and sign in with your username and password.
1.      Go to the link  
2.      Click Apply Now
3.      Click on Apply Without Selecting Job located in the bottom left corner of the page.
4.      Once the page loads, you'll first be prompted about a resume (to apply without one, use an existing one, or copy/paste). Please make your selection and click continue. You'll then begin the application portion where you can enter your education, work history, etc.
5.      To add information, click on the + sign.
6.      Once you have added all of the necessary info, click next to advance to the next pages of the application.
7.      Once you reach the end of the application, you'll then need to self identify and agree to the terms.
8.      Click submit to successfully submit your application.

Updating Education (Internal Applicant)
To update your profile, please log into your PeopleSoft HR account.
1.      Go to Self Service
2.      Go to Learning and Development
3.      Go to My Current Profile
4.      Click Education
5.      Click +Add New Degrees
6.      Complete all required information (click on the magnifying glass when available).
7.      If you need to add additional degrees click Apply and Add Another, if you are finished adding degrees click OK.
8.      At the bottom of the page click Save to successfully update this information.

My application is still in ‘draft’ status, how can I change it to applied?
When an application is in draft status and the applicant wants to move it to applied status, they have to complete the application. To accomplish this, the applicant should return to their careers page and click on 'my career tools'.  Click on the job title and complete the application making sure they 'submit' it on the very last page.
PLEASE NOTE: If the applicant does not see the position, there is a drop down box for them to choose applications from. The applicant needs to choose 'the last year' and should then see the position.

None of my jobs are appearing in 'My Applications'.
You will need to to perform the following steps in order to align the data so you are able to see the positions you have applied for:
1.      Log in to your account
2.      Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Apply Without Selecting Job
3.      You'll first be prompted about a resume. Make your selection and press Continue
4.      You will then be taken into the application which will have approximately 5 pages. Proceed through the application by clicking next, and ONLY worry about answering the mandatory questions which will be marked with a * symbol
5.      When you reach the last page of the application, click Next and you will then be prompted to self identify and agree to the terms.
6.      Click Submit to submit your profile/application.
7.      You'll then see a screen with a green check mark notifying you that you've successfully submitted your profile/application.

PLEASE NOTE: The position you're trying to apply to should be listed in 'draft mode.' If you don't see it, change the drop down menu to display all applications from 'last week' to list 'all applications' and then click 'refresh.' Please note you can click on the job title to finish your application, as long as the job is still posted on the job bank.

I keep getting 'kicked out' of the system.
The problem you are describing could be several different issues.

Our system only supports Internet Explorer. If you are using Firefox or Safari, you will need to access our website through Internet Explorer.

You should also check your security settings and make sure that it is set as 'medium' and also clear your cache and temporary internet files.

If you are using the 'back' button on the page instead of the 'next' or 'previous' buttons in the application, the system will also kick you out of the system.

If you are still having problems with creating your account, please contact either 1-855-SPD-INHR (option 2) or visit your local WorkOne office. Someone will be happy to assist you.

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