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Friday, February 12, 2016

Into the Public Sector: HR Intern Ryan Lattimore


I recently had an opportunity to do some job shadowing in two different divisions within the Indiana State Personnel Department. The first division I encountered was Compensation, where I met Liz. Within just a few hours, I had witnessed everything from strategic hiring, job classifications, salary adjustments, pay for performance, and much more! I found the classification of lawyers to be the most interesting. 

The second division I shadowed was Employee Relations (ER)! I spoke with ten of the most talented individuals in ER, covering a multitude of topics. The main topics that were covered included Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Civil Service, American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), State Employee’s Appeal Commission (SEAC), unemployment, and investigations. I found the ADA to extremely interesting. Disability accommodation is extremely vital in the workplace, and can be costly if overlooked. My favorite sector of ER was definitely the EEOC and following investigations. EEOC claims are seen more frequently as the year’s progress. It is fascinating how legality plays such a crucial role in Employee Relations.

Aside from doing some job shadowing, I was also assigned a project to work alongside our other intern Mary. We both received climate surveys for a division within a different agency and started our analysis. After reviewing each and every survey, we developed a recruitment plan for the HYCA, which included five major renovations. One of our suggestions was to authorize a Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) to get a better understanding of what the job entails. Another aspect was to take that information from the JAQ and reevaluate our job postings and interview templates. These changes would give applicants a better understanding of the job, and it wou
ld also give the agency a bigger quality pool of applicants. Another big aspect was improving the job training program. The goal is to ensure that each new hire has all of the necessary skills and tools to be efficient and effective in their role.

This project is pretty extensive, and I am pleased to work with someone as devoted and talented as Mary. I work every Monday and Wednesday and she works every Tuesday and Thursday. Due to this scheduling, we are constantly communicating with one another and exchanging our work. However, we both are scheduled to work on Fridays, giving us an opportunity to work together and collaborate.

Aside from all of these activities, I have also had multiple opportunities to attend "all staff" meetings within Indiana State Personnel and Talent Acquisition division meetings, as well as sitting in on interviews. The staff meetings are very intriguing because they have shown me the direction our agency is going. This gives me, an intern, the chance to correlate my work with the goals and standards of the entire agency. Sitting in on panel interviews has also been extremely beneficial for my professional career. Not only am I gaining knowledge on what to look for as an employer, but also I am getting to see firsthand what I should be portraying as an applicant. By getting to sit on both sides of an interview, I have a better idea of what employers are looking for in a candidate.

Overall, my experience as an Human Resource (HR) intern with Indiana State Personnel has been extraordinary. I am constantly gaining experience that most students my age won’t experience until after graduation. Accepting this internship was the greatest decision I made this semester. I am beyond excited to progress in the various agencies I am assigned, as well as progressing as an HR professional. Over the next few weeks I am headed to work with the HR staff embedded with IN School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Pendleton Correctional Facilities! Until next time…

Ryan Lattimore
HR Intern

Indiana State Personnel Department

Friday, February 5, 2016

SPD Welcomes Intern Mary Riordan!

Hello, Everyone! 

My name is Mary Riordan and I am the Spring 2016 intern with the Indiana State Personnel Department (SPD). I am currently a junior at Indiana University majoring in Human Resource Management with a minor in Healthcare Systems Administration. 

I recently changed my major to Human Resources, which was what encouraged me to begin looking for internships in the field. I wanted to find a position that would allow me to dive into this fairly new field for me and gain some experience that I couldn't get from the classroom. I came across the internship in the job bank for my school and decided to apply! During the interview, discussing how the internship was set up really excited me. I will have the privilege of working with the HR Directors on projects while getting to see different governmental settings (education, military, transportation,etc).

As I reflect on my first week, I am so grateful for this opportunity. I have had the chance to sit in on three interviews, learned how to operate the PeopleSoft software, began posting on various websites for the summer HR internship and following up with those who have applied, met with the Deputy Directors, and have collaborated with the other intern, Ryan, on a recruitment plan for Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy. 

In this short amount of time I have had at SPD I have already learned so much, about Human Resources. I have had the ability to relate some of my experience to my past and current coursework, but have also had the ability to further my knowledge of HR by both taking on and overseeing tasks that are new to me. At the conclusion of this internship I hope that all of the information and knowledge I gain will help me see where I want to take my Human Resources career. 

Mary Riordan

P.S. The State of Indiana is now accepting candidates for the 2016 Governor's Public Service Summer Internship Program: This includes an opportunity with the IN State Personnel Dept!

Friday, January 29, 2016

SPD Welcomes Intern Ryan Lattimore!

My name is Ryan Lattimore, and I grew up in Rensselaer Indiana, where sports and good grades were practically the only things I focused on growing up. By my senior year, I had confirmed my passion for a career in business, which I am still pursuing today. I am currently a junior at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) pursuing a duel major in Human Resource Management and Business Management. I plan to graduate during May of 2017.

I heard about Indiana State Personnel's HR Spring Internship opportunity through the Kelley School of Business on their online platform Being in my third year of college, I found it essential to search for internships prior to graduation. After applying to multiple internships in various areas of business, I stumbled upon a opportunity with the Indiana State Personnel Department (SPD). After doing some research, I soon realized the great opportunity that stood before me. The Indiana State Personnel Department is the second largest Human Resources (HR) department in the state. This internship offers interns a first hand look into the large scale public sector of HR. I immediately submitted my resume! After multiple phone calls, online screening, and a panel interview, I was offered the internship.

I chose this internship because of its potential to experience large scale HR in the making. Compared to other internships, I found the Indiana State Personnel Department to be the most competitive and desirable, due to their rotation program, variety of projects, and job shadow opportunities! I had a few other options to choose from, even some internships that were paid. However, I chose the experience over the salary and decided to make Indiana State Government my home for the semester! My goal is to constantly increase my HR experience prior to graduation. I felt that  SPD would give me a great opportunity to learn about the public sector.

My first week at SPD has been pretty outstanding. From day one I was put right to work. I spent almost all of my time in the Talent Acquisition division, where I shadowed multiple coworkers and got introduced to their everyday tasks. After going through my standard training sessions, I was assigned the Web Developer Internship to recruit for, which is part of the Governor's 2016 Summer Internship Program.  Check it out: I often hear about internships where, as an intern, not much really gets accomplished. I have been blown away by the amount of independence I have to really work in the fashion that suits me. I work 24 hours a week, and never find myself wondering what else I could be doing! This internship is extremely interactive, and I am looking forward to what is yet to come!

Ryan Lattimore

State Personnel Department
HR Intern

Monday, August 24, 2015

Brad the Intern's Farewell

Hello Everyone,

This will be my last blog entry…I know I’m sad too.  I have had a wonderful summer working here and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who takes the time to read my posts.
Thank you to the agencies that hosted me: Patrick and Karen with IN State Dept of Health; Casey, Nicole and Ken at Dept of Corrections (Pendleton); Jess and Stephen from Dept of Corrections (Central Office); Aiesha, Dan, Jennifer and Rachel from Dept of Child Services; Maria from IN Dept of Homeland Security; and Eric, Melissa, Ryan, Rick and Angela from IN Dept of Transportation.  
A special thank you to the Talent Acquisition Team. 

Jerry: I never told you, but the best part of my internship was coming in on Monday mornings and reading the Weekly Jot from Jerry. It was also nice to be greeted by name every morning. As an intern I didn’t expect it, but it was nice. 

Caitlin and Jeremy: When we were setting up and working at the Employment Opportunity Fair at the Indiana Black Expo, I had a great time and you guys were hilarious, really friendly and super helpful. 

Adam, Bailey, Chanel and Lindsey: I only worked with you guys on a few things, but when Dawn wasn’t available, you guys were always able to answer my questions and you were always really friendly. 

Dawn: I want to thank you for putting up with me this summer.  I was a little rough when I first got here (remember that IBE email that took 15 drafts).  You have always been there to answer my questions and have made me into a much better HR professional. 

It was great working with the Indiana State Personnel Dept, I met some many amazing and knowledgeable HR professionals!

Until next time,

Brad the Intern

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brad the Intern: Talent Acquisition & Dept of Transportation!

Hello Readers,
I am finishing up my last rotation here at the State of Indiana.  It has been a nice last couple weeks.  I have been wrapping up several unfinished projects and getting them ready to be handed off to the next intern.  I also snuck in a week at the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). 

While at INDOT, I assisted in writing a formal standard operating procedure (SOP) for what to do when separating with an employee.  This required a fair amount of research into Indiana’s laws, rules, policies, etc as they related to employee terminations and retirements.  A couple other projects that I worked on involved making screening sets very similar to the ones I made for The Department of Homeland Security and taking the very beginning steps of forming a job description library. 

Then I came back to Talent Acquisition for my final lap.  This week I finished up the offer letters and got them loaded into PeopleSoft.  I also spent a little bit of time working on writing my final two blog posts. And for the first time, I was able to sit in on some interviews.  All in all, I have had a great week.

Stay tuned for my farewell blog post in which I will give out some special thanks. 

Until next time,
Brad the Intern    

Monday, August 10, 2015

Brad the Intern: Dept of Child Services & Homeland Security!

Hello fans, loyal readers, and first time visitors,

I have been all over the place these past couple weeks.  My rotations have taken me on visits with the Department of Child Services and the Department of Homeland Security. I worked on several projects for each agency and was able to meet some impressive people.

At the Department of Child Services (DCS), I was tasked with developing forms to assist with tracking several employee management processes.  I designed one form to assist supervisors, employees, and HR staff with processing an employee that is intending to retire or otherwise leave.  The project required me to do a sizable amount of research into the processes that have been utilized previously at DCS.  Similarly, I created two documents to use when bringing on new employees.  One is a general form that could be used for any position and the other is a form designed to accommodate the more in depth process of hiring a Family Case Manager.  In addition to creating forms, I also assisted with an I-9 and personnel file audit, and created several new employee files. 
The week after that I moved on to the Department of Homeland Security (IDHS), where I worked primarily on two projects.  The first project involved overhauling old pre-screen question sets.  I had to look at the old screening sets and compare them to the job descriptions of several positions to determine and correct any deficiencies that may have existed.  The other project was creating a universal job description bank, so to speak, for every position at IDHS.  I looked through and ensured that all the positions were labeled with their appropriate pay classifications.  I then took all of the job descriptions that I could find and converted them to PDF files and, subsequently, hyperlinked them to the excel spreadsheet that is to serve as the Master Job Description Bank, for Indiana Dept of Homeland Security. 

In other news, the end is near my friends…I will likely be posting two more blogs: one detailing my exhilarating stint at the Indiana Department of Transportation and my last pass with Talent Acquisition, then a thank you and overview of my time here as Brad the Intern. 

Until then,

Brad the Intern​

Check me out below, second to the right of the Governor, after attending his speaker's series:

Gov Group 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Brad the Intern - Employment Opportunity Fairs

Hello Friends,

My internship is beginning to wind down, but don’t think that I am not still keeping busy.  This past week I may have been the busiest that I have been so far. 
I was back at home base with Talent Acquisition and I was working to finish as many projects as possible.  I worked especially hard on what will become a training video for potential applicants.  The training addresses all of the steps of the application/job search process.  My portion of it is nearly done then it will just need to be sent off for approval and then recording.  After those steps are completed, it will be posted on the website.

The other big project that I worked on last week was the Employment Opportunity Fair at the Indiana Black Expo.  As I have mentioned before, I had the opportunity to sit on the planning committee for the event and it was amazing.  My job was to help run the State of Indiana employment booth.  In doing so, I was able to speak with numerous potential candidates.  The Employment Opportunity Fair has definitely been one of the highlights of my internship so far. 

That is it for now, as you will hear from me again, as I have three more rotations/adventures left, so stay tuned.


Brad the Intern