Monday, March 24, 2014

Whitney Works with DWD

For the last two weeks I have been with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD). DWD serves the worker and the employer to ensure workplace success. DWD is committed to innovating and invigorating Indiana’s economic future. Primary services include: WorkOne Centers, Unemployment Insurance, Labor Market Information, Regional Workforce Strategies and Professional Training. All of this information can be found on the DWD website at During my rotation I have worked closely with the HR Director and HR Generalists who support this agency. Just like most of the HR staff embedded in the agencies, these ladies work together to serve and support the management team and employees of DWD.

During my rotation with DWD I had several tasks I completed and a few projects that I worked on. I researched personnel files on PeopleSoft and verified employment standing (active vs. termed employees). I then would purge the termed employee files to prepare for send off to records. A new part of PeopleSoft I had the opportunity to work with was the recruiting module. In this project, I searched within PeopleSoft to find job descriptions. I then pulled the job descriptions off of PeopleSoft to combine them onto an excel spreadsheet to have them altogether in one file. Another project I had was very similar to the project I had at the Indiana State Department of Health; I emailed supervisors and managers to collect job descriptions and put them onto a shared folder to potentially have readily available on an electronic database. This project/compilation will assist the HR team in populating hiring requests as well as potentially electronic performance appraisals at year’s end.  Finally, a project I worked on the entire time I was with the DWD was with performance appraisals. I would receive the performance appraisals, verify all correct parties had signed the performance appraisal, and then make copies to prepare them for their personnel files.

I had a very good experience at DWD and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the HR team here. I look forward to my next rotation with Talent Acquisition!