Thursday, May 8, 2014

Intern Whitney works with Larue Carter

This week I had the opportunity of working with the Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital. Larue Carter is a psychiatric hospital of 159 beds, ranging in ages of 8 - adult. Larue Carter is under the Family and Social Services Administration. During this rotation I had the opportunity of shadowing one of the HR generalists. She spends most of her days very busy, multi-tasking, working on projects, and communicating with the Larue employees.

While shadowing this HR Generalist, I learned a little more about the process of getting new applicants ready for hire. I went through several applicants who were ready for hire and ran a background check for them on PeopleSoft. I then called applicants and told them to check their email to sign a release for the background check and drug screening. One thing that is unique to Larue Carter is the types of employees that are employed. While, there are many employees who are qualified (HS graduate), it is important to make sure you are selecting the right candidates to work with the patients, find someone reliable and consistent. The HR Generalist also deals with FML and puts employees back in the system upon their return. She also sets up new employee files, conducts training for new employees, and trains them how to set up their benefits.

Being able to shadow a generalist was very beneficial. I was able to see many different aspects to HR and what a generalist can work with from a day to day basis. Some important things I learned are that as a generalist you are always going to be busy and there are always going to be interruptions in your day. It is important to stay very organized, be able to multitask, and work through projects over multiple days. Because you can be interrupted so many times in a day, you may not be able to concentrate on one project from start to finish it one sitting. I was able to see how this generalist sorts through her workload. I gained some great insight from this shadowing opportunity at Larue Carter.

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