Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wrapping Up My Time With SPD - Amanda Yoder

My name is Amanda Yoder. Currently I am a Senior at the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis, studying Human Resources. My time here with the Indiana State Personnel Department has been great! I have loved every minute of my time spent with everyone throughout the agencies. I have learned so much about Human Resources, especially about recruiting. With this internship, I was able to move from agency to agency in order to gain more insight in what a HR generalist would do.
                I started out my time with the Talent Acquisition team. I had one big project during my time with SPD. It was to hire for the next HR Intern. This meant that I had to post the job onto different job boards. A few examples of the job boards that I worked with were; Indeed, Indiana Intern, IUPUI, IU, and many more! Along with this I also worked on smaller projects from the other employees within the SPD office. As I began to receive resumes from different potential candidates, I had to go through them and began to narrow it down to the ones that I thought would be good. One fun project that I got to do was create different flyers and advertisements for the different agencies within the State of Indiana. I learned how to use Canva during this project. While I was with the Talent Acquisition team, I was able to meet with the different HR departments, like Benefits and Employee Relations. I was able to learn more about what each department does and what a typical day looks like for them.   
                The next agency that I went to was the Indiana Department of Transportation. While I was there I was given the opportunity to work on a big project regarding job descriptions. I had to email different employees asking them to send me an update version of different positions that they oversaw. This was a like a giant puzzle. Once I received the job descriptions, I then had to find a way to organize them on Sharepoint. This provided other employees within INDOT to access the information quickly and easily. I also was given the opportunity to shadow the HR personnel there as well. I really enjoyed my time there!
                I then went to the Department of Revenue. When I arrived they were getting ready to host a big interviewing event. This event was to look for potential candidates to fill the positions in a customer service type of environment. I helped them call the different candidates informing them of the event and to extend an invitation to attend. I also had to do different background checks on different candidates as well. Before coming into this role I never did this before, so it was nice to learn how to conduct a background check. I also helped put together the onboarding packets for the new hires. While I was with DOR I was able to attend an employee development talk. It was cool to see this since I could potential have to do this in my future career. I really enjoyed my time here as well!
                Throughout my time with INDOT and DOR, I still was looking over different resumes and calling those that I wanted to bring in to interview. After I was done at DOR, I came back to SPD for a week. During this time I helped conduct the interviews for the next HR Intern. This was a learning experience and I was able to have a hand in the whole selection process.
                The last agency that I worked with the Department of Corrections. My big project was to create a new website for them. They wanted a website that was easier to navigate and job seekers could find careers available with DOC easier. I was able to just create a layout for the website. This involved me during research on the different positions offered and coming up with a layout that would be easy. I had lots of fun putting together a PowerPoint presentation in order to show them how it would look when it was all done. I also was able to shadow the HR Generalists at DOC and help them with different tasks. I really enjoyed my time with DOC as well!

                For my last 2 weeks in my internship. I was back with the Talent Acquisition team. While I was there I did different tasks for them, like posting jobs, doing reference checks, and creating new advertising ideas. Overall I really enjoyed my time working with SPD and getting to know everyone that worked with. Walking away not only did I gain so much more knowledge about HR but also I made so many new connections and friendships. Throughout my time with SPD, I was able to apply what I was learning in school, to what I was doing with SPD. I would highly recommend this job to anyone who is interested in HR. Through this internship you are able to learn so much about HR.