Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jon learns all about Talent Acquisition

The past two weeks have been great! We have a list of projects that we needed to work on during the two weeks spent within the Talent Acquisition division of SPD. This was a good time to get comfortable being in the office every day and a great chance for some time management.

One of the things we worked on was suggestions of how to recruit diverse candidates. Indiana is becoming a more diverse state and Governor Pence wants to ensure state government continues to reflect the demographics of our state . Another project involved creating a survey and gathering email contacts in order to learn about background check process of other Indiana hospitals. This information could help state operated hospitals recruit people in a more efficient way.  Another project that is in the works is a tool kit for managers with information about the full cycle recruiting process. This will be a great asset for hiring managers throughout the state and answer any questions about how to get the right people on the bus. A very exciting project that we completed involved offer letters. We had to gather all the offer letter templates from all the larger state agencies. They will be used to create an automatic offer letter component through the state’s HRIS. This will free up a lot of time for the different agencies to focus spend more time on the most value-added HR functions.

One very exciting day involved the meet and greets. All the interns had the chance to meet with the division directors of the SPD. They all took turns and gave us 15-20 minutes out of their day. We had the chance to gain an overview of the departments they ran and have our questions answered.

My time with the Talent Acquisition division within the central office was a lot of fun and a great chance to learn about how the centralized HR functions of the state work. I am now going to rotate out to the Department of Child Services’ Marion County office where I will spend four weeks. Check back for an update then!

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