Monday, July 25, 2016

Intern Words of Wisdom - by Shae

I am currently in awe that my internship is more than half way over. I have been bouncing to many different agencies, learning all I can about the business process and the leadership. Thankfully everyone in the different agencies is excited to have us working on projects for them! Payton and I sat in with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for two wonderful weeks. We spent the first few days meeting all the department heads. During the meetings, we learned about their path to state government and their general day-to-day activities. This was very helpful as we were given the project of renaming their departments to better represent their business practices. Additionally, the goal of the project was to ensure that everyone was listed in the correct department within our HRIS system. In order to make sure our information was correct, we met with the chief operating officer, controller, compensation consultant, and chief of staff. As you can imagine, these were great contacts to make within the state. A few of them even offered to be a reference for me in the future. It was a pleasure to work for them and learn from such influential movers and shakers. We ended the two weeks with the completion of three separate and equally meaningful projects. Also, we got a sneak peek into the two final designs for the new license plate design! You can vote on your favorite design at the Indiana State Fair!

During that week, I also had the pleasure of meeting with Governor Mike Pence in his office for a speech from himself to all the 2016 Governor’s Summer Interns. He spoke of all the different paintings hanging around the Governor’s office, one of which is a last original painting of President Abraham Lincoln before his assassination. Governor Pence then went on to do a Q&A session for the remainder of the meeting. It was an honor to sit in front of the now Republican Vice Presidential Candidate only days before the announcement.

I received yet another intern perk this past week. All of the interns had the opportunity to tour the Indiana War Memorial downtown. They have a large collection of war propaganda posters, which I am particularly fond of myself. It was such a wonderful collection of war memorabilia and information. I suggest that everyone make it out to the Indiana War Memorial at some point! To the left is an image from inside the Shine Room.

As promised in my last blog, I am going to share more wisdom I have gained throughout my internship. My colleagues left me with some insight into the professional HR world during our meetings last week. I would like to share some paraphrased accounts of them with you.

3. You will excel if you have the spirit, positivity and enthusiasm. To fuel these characteristics, you must work selflessly. This will help you reach new points in relationships, which will give you the leverage to produce great work. Being open and receptive to feedback will help you grow as a professional. Let your mentors and colleagues know that you are open and eager for criticism.

I am open to comments, questions, and concerns. Please leave them below in the comments! For more words of wisdom I have gained these past weeks, look for my blogs bi- weekly! Stay tuned.


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