Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Payton's Intern Guide to SPD

Good Morning!

This past week, Shae and I have spent a lot of time wrapping up our past projects so that we can be prepared to start our projects with the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy! We spent the beginning of our week submitting our projects and going over our social media plan to propose new ideas after looking at our social media metrics.

Shae and I had a fun opportunity this past week to go on a Credential Tour Journey with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). We walked around and saw all the different processes that went into accepting and approving driver’s licenses. An exciting part of this tour was going up to where they actually manufactured the licenses and seeing how much work really goes into it. They have people that actually manually check every single license printed, which is about 7,000 licenses a day!

We also had a cool opportunity to go on a tour with all of the other interns to the Banker’s Life Fieldhouse! We learned about Indiana’s rich basketball history through its retro-style and traditional Indiana Basketball Fieldhouse design. It was so interesting to see the ins and outs of the Pacers’ and the Fever’s home. I find it crazy that the fieldhouse hosts so many different events from Disney on Ice to wrestling and swimming competitions!
I can’t wait to spend our next two weeks at the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy!
Payton Reardon

HR Intern

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