Monday, August 10, 2015

Brad the Intern: Dept of Child Services & Homeland Security!

Hello fans, loyal readers, and first time visitors,

I have been all over the place these past couple weeks.  My rotations have taken me on visits with the Department of Child Services and the Department of Homeland Security. I worked on several projects for each agency and was able to meet some impressive people.

At the Department of Child Services (DCS), I was tasked with developing forms to assist with tracking several employee management processes.  I designed one form to assist supervisors, employees, and HR staff with processing an employee that is intending to retire or otherwise leave.  The project required me to do a sizable amount of research into the processes that have been utilized previously at DCS.  Similarly, I created two documents to use when bringing on new employees.  One is a general form that could be used for any position and the other is a form designed to accommodate the more in depth process of hiring a Family Case Manager.  In addition to creating forms, I also assisted with an I-9 and personnel file audit, and created several new employee files. 
The week after that I moved on to the Department of Homeland Security (IDHS), where I worked primarily on two projects.  The first project involved overhauling old pre-screen question sets.  I had to look at the old screening sets and compare them to the job descriptions of several positions to determine and correct any deficiencies that may have existed.  The other project was creating a universal job description bank, so to speak, for every position at IDHS.  I looked through and ensured that all the positions were labeled with their appropriate pay classifications.  I then took all of the job descriptions that I could find and converted them to PDF files and, subsequently, hyperlinked them to the excel spreadsheet that is to serve as the Master Job Description Bank, for Indiana Dept of Homeland Security. 

In other news, the end is near my friends…I will likely be posting two more blogs: one detailing my exhilarating stint at the Indiana Department of Transportation and my last pass with Talent Acquisition, then a thank you and overview of my time here as Brad the Intern. 

Until then,

Brad the Intern​

Check me out below, second to the right of the Governor, after attending his speaker's series:

Gov Group 2015

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