Monday, July 13, 2015

Intern Haley Says Goodbye!

It is my last day here at Indiana Veterans’ Home (IVH) and my time here has been a great experience. I have learned so much about the importance of a well run Human Resources department and how serving employees of an agency can assist in all aspects of the establishments overall mission.

For the last few weeks my focus has been mainly on talent acquisition, but during my time with the State Personnel Department, I have had a chance to be involved in all operations of HR. I have been verifying employment history and running orientation programs for our new hires. We have updated the database to comply with new retention policies and have finally settled into the new offices for the department here at IVH.

Specifically I have learned to verify new employee information and how to contact previous employers for professional history. Through the Talent Acquisition process we have found dozens of strong candidates and everyone is hopeful about the energy and assistance these recruits will bring to the facility.

The management staff at IVH is incredible. The superintendant Linda Sharp works so hard for her residents and everyone follows her example. When it comes to the veterans, people around here really advocate and it has been rewarding to work with such a dedicated group of people.

As part of the Governor’s Intern Program, I have also attended speeches at the Statehouse from Supreme Court Justice Brent Dickson as well as General Goodwin. I have learned a lot about the goals of Indiana; how we are trying to focus on health and fitness by encouraging State employees to be active, and the new opportunities in higher education.

Back at the Veterans’ Home, we are ramping up for the 4th of July which should be fun. The residents here love it and are looking forward to Fireworks. I have become well acquainted with some of the veterans that live here and that has made my time as an intern even more special.

I am leaving this internship slightly sooner than most of my peers because of a semester of Study Abroad. I will be leaving the country and so I have to say goodbye to SPD and IVH. I want to thank everyone for their time, patience, and assistance. I have learned so much about what the work force really looks and feels like as well as the intricacies of the Human Resource profession.

Thank you,
Haley Arndt

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