Friday, February 5, 2016

SPD Welcomes Intern Mary Riordan!

Hello, Everyone! 

My name is Mary Riordan and I am the Spring 2016 intern with the Indiana State Personnel Department (SPD). I am currently a junior at Indiana University majoring in Human Resource Management with a minor in Healthcare Systems Administration. 

I recently changed my major to Human Resources, which was what encouraged me to begin looking for internships in the field. I wanted to find a position that would allow me to dive into this fairly new field for me and gain some experience that I couldn't get from the classroom. I came across the internship in the job bank for my school and decided to apply! During the interview, discussing how the internship was set up really excited me. I will have the privilege of working with the HR Directors on projects while getting to see different governmental settings (education, military, transportation,etc).

As I reflect on my first week, I am so grateful for this opportunity. I have had the chance to sit in on three interviews, learned how to operate the PeopleSoft software, began posting on various websites for the summer HR internship and following up with those who have applied, met with the Deputy Directors, and have collaborated with the other intern, Ryan, on a recruitment plan for Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy. 

In this short amount of time I have had at SPD I have already learned so much, about Human Resources. I have had the ability to relate some of my experience to my past and current coursework, but have also had the ability to further my knowledge of HR by both taking on and overseeing tasks that are new to me. At the conclusion of this internship I hope that all of the information and knowledge I gain will help me see where I want to take my Human Resources career. 

Mary Riordan

P.S. The State of Indiana is now accepting candidates for the 2016 Governor's Public Service Summer Internship Program: This includes an opportunity with the IN State Personnel Dept!

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