Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Joshua Fox: A Two Component Internship

Hello everyone! I am excited to be talking to you all again to detail my experiences with the Indiana State Personnel Department! I am very enthusiastic to tell you about my incredibly diverse experiences during my internship. My employment can be described as having two different components; job shadowing, and project -based assignments. Each of which have given me experience completing assignments that will be revered by potential employers.

After completing my first rotation working at headquarters with SPD, I began working in the Human Resources Department at the IndianaState Health Department. This invaluable experience enabled me to witness firsthand what it takes to create a positive organizational culture, develop practical employee policies, and run day-to-day human resources operations. My individual projects consisted of ensuring I-9 federal compliance for all Indiana State health employees and maintaining employee record compliance. Additionally, I assisted in the recruiting process by conducting background checks and observed practical applications of Human Resources theory to solve employee relations issues

One of the most useful skills that I have attained during my internship is the ability to multitask. Throughout my internship, I developed the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time. In the beginning, I felt overwhelmed. Sometimes having up to seven projects at one time, I quickly had to learn how to prioritize and use my time efficiently. These are incredibly useful skills and are highly desired by employers.
Some of the most valuable and memorable experiences of my internship come from employee training classes. Hearing my fellow employees’ experiences about the various topics that were discussed framed our lessons in a manner that I felt heavily pertained to real life work experiences. I had the benefit of learning through extensively planned course material, as well as personal employee experiences.  Along with courses that I have taken through Indiana University, these classes have truly prepared me for my career. 

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