Thursday, February 27, 2014

Whitney works with the Small Agencies Division

For the past two weeks I have been in the Small Agencies Division and working alongside one of the HR Generalists. This particular Generalist works with several small agencies such as the Department of Administration, Hoosier Lottery, Lieutenant Governor’s Office, Department of Agriculture, and many more. She has been a great mentor and fun person to work with.  I have received a lot of good direction from her on my projects the past two weeks.

During my time with the Small Agencies Division, my projects have included: completing employment verifications, researching personnel files and verifying current employees within PeopleSoft. My other project was working on record retention and maintenance for the Department of Administration. All of these projects have given me a lot of exposure to the different things that an HR Generalist may deal with on a daily to weekly basis. The research project of personnel files was a very valuable project for me because of the amount of time I got to spend working in PeopleSoft. I am beginning to feel more comfortable navigating through this system. I have gained a lot of insight on the importance of record retention and documentation of employees as well. I have enjoyed my time working with the Small Agencies Division and I am looking forward to my next rotation.

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