Thursday, June 2, 2016

SPD Welcomes Intern Shae!

As I walked across the stage at graduation, a moment of fear rushed over me. I began wondering if I had learned enough to become an HR professional. Did I know all of the current recruiting laws in place? Furthermore, am I able to regurgitate them when a colleague askes me? I was fairly certain, but not totally sure. I just graduated from the Kelley School of Business with a double major in Human Resource Management and Management. I better know what I’m doing! All of the stakeholders of IUPUI, Kelley School of Business, and the HR program depended on me being qualified to have my name on that piece of paper. And now all the stakeholders for the Indiana State Government.  I was feeling the pressure.

After sitting in my role for the past two weeks as a Human Resources Intern for the Governor’s Summer Internship Program, my fears started to subside. The wonderful onboarding routine made me feel like part of the State Personnel Department family. While job shadowing the Employee Relations unit, I knew exactly what Executive Order 00011246 meant when brought up in conversation. I was fascinated by their affirmative action plan for each agency within state government. I wanted to hear details for each ongoing investigation. My 15 minute ‘Meet & Greets’ turned into an hour. I am a sponge for the information with plenty of follow up questions and these executives were willing to speak with me.  I was having stimulating conversations with the staff attorney and it was inspiring. The past four years were worth it! I had the vocab, engaging questions, and a fellow intern, Payton, with whom to experience it all. We were on fire. The State Personnel Department gave me the platform to use the intelligence that I had absorbed.

As I sit here, working on projects, relaxed from yoga in the State Library, I am certain that this was the perfect internship for me. Now, as for what I have learned during my time with SPD. To know it all, you will have to stay tuned each blog.

During each meet and greet, my colleagues left me with some insight into the professional HR world. I would like to share some paraphrased accounts of them with you.

1. Break the HR Stigma
Other agencies can see Human Resources as the bad guy, the enforcer. You, as an HR professional, will have to combat that paradigm. You need to be able to convince them to see your way. You need to be able to influence. You are now an influencer! Have the mentality of a flipped pyramid with HR at the bottom; we work for them. All for one, and one for all! We are a family. Without them, we would not be here.

I am here to say, as a new HR professional, I am here for you. For more words of wisdom I have gained these past weeks, look for my blogs bi- weekly! Stay with us. 


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