Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meet Aaron Land, our new intern!

Hi everyone, my name is Aaron Land and I am going to be one of the summer interns here at the Indiana State Personnel Department.  I will start by just giving a little background on myself.  I am from the small town of St. Paul, Indiana and I will be entering my senior year at Ball State University this fall where I am double majoring in Human Resource Management and Business Administration.  At Ball State I will be taking on the role of Vice President of Memberships in Ball State’s chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management.

It was actually at Ball State that I learned of this internship opportunity.  I had been scanning Ball State’s career website for a while looking for an internship this summer when I came upon this.  I immediately knew that this internship would hold major experiences that would help me in my future.  Shortly after seeing the posting I submitted my application, knowing that this is the internship that I have been looking for.  My interview reinforced this belief by telling me that I would not be getting people’s coffee and filing papers all day, as most people picture the typical internship entailing, but instead I would be performing tasks and given the responsibilities as if I were an entry level employee.  That hands-on experience was what interested me in this internship, and what ultimately led to my acceptance of the position when it was offered to me.

Overall, my goal for this summer is to gain a vast knowledge of the human resource functions through the hands-on experience I will be exposed to over the next few months here at the SPD.  I know that the experience will give me a competitive advantage when searching for a job following my graduation from Ball State University next May.  Although it has just been a few days, I am already excited for what the summer holds for me.  Although I know that it will require some hard work on my part this summer, I know that my coworkers are extremely helpful and willing to answer any question that I may have.

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