Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Crazy Adventures of Intern Nicole

Interning with the Indiana State Personnel Department has been fun so far!  I have been able to job shadow the various departments of the SPD and I have also been working on many different tasks and projects that have been given to me.  Next week I will begin to work with the different agencies that the SPD serves. The first agency that I will be visiting is the Department of Child Services.  I am excited to see how such a large agency operates.

As I mentioned earlier, these past few weeks through job shadowing the different departments of the SPD I learned about compensation, benefits, and employee relations.  It was exciting to be able to interact with people who actually work in the field of human resources.  Everyone was very welcoming and did their best to educate me on the ways in which their departments operate.  It was interesting to see how the things we talk about in school actually operate in the real world.

Recently I have been working on many projects for the SPD Talent Acquisition Division.  The other SPD intern (Aaron) and I have been working to complete a nursing portal that would help to better recruit nurses.  We have also completed an interview question guide that will be given to the hiring managers that work for the state’s many different agencies.  The talent acquisition team has also included me in their background check and employment verification process.  I have already gotten to all many exciting places to verify applicant’s employment, including Alaska!

This week I have also been working on an intern YouTube video that will be used to promote internships for the SPD.  Filming the video has been a blast!  Aaron and I have taken some exciting field trips to get the shots we need for our masterpiece.  We recently found ourselves lost in the Indiana State Library, which we confused for the Indianapolis Public Library.  The women at the Indiana State Library looked at us like we were insane when we asked where the giant egg chairs were located.  We have also been walking around Indy in an attempt to get some shots of us around the city.  Hopefully this video will be deemed appropriate to publish so that you all may view it.

All of that fun aside, I truly am grateful for this experience.  Everyone working for the SPD is welcoming and willing to help if I have a question.  I will be sure to keep you all updated on my experiences as I travel to the different agencies the SPD works with.  I can’t wait to experience all that this internship has to offer.


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