Friday, July 8, 2016

Intern Words of Wisdom - by Shae

Last week, I participated in a lunch and learn hosted by our data analytics manger. His project is to provide relevant data to Human Resource Professionals within State Government. The main goals of using analytics are to drive the mission, find priorities, and analyze the impact of HR within the business. Allowing data analytics to show us quick wins in business processes allows us to reach these goals. These quick wins answer smaller questions such as turnover rate or find correlations between factors such as distance from work and retention. The quick wins don’t necessarily dictate projects, but they do influence choices. Moving forward, we want to use our HR data to forecast future trends which will allow us to become more proactive. This allows us to refine processes to improve the Indiana State Personnel Department as a whole. The better processes we have in place, the more efficient the HR staff will become. Gaining this data is a way to accurately measure the successes of the HR team. We are proving our worth one drill down at a time. We must remember to always have a benchmark to measure our success, as a number is only worth as much as its relativity. It was a joy to sit in this meeting, as I am always looking for ways to grow and improve.


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