Thursday, June 11, 2015

Brad the Intern: The Department of Workforce Development and More!

Hello Again,

I have had a busy couple of weeks, since the last time we spoke. I had the opportunity to job shadow with Benefits, Employee Relations, and worked on a project for the Dept of Workforce Development.

I have been hard at work making interview question sets for the Department of Workforce Development.  The goal of my project was to form one unified list of interview questions for each of the positions they hire most frequently.  The problem was that each position may have had as many as five or six different sets of interview questions across the 28 locations, so there was little consistency across the board.  Basically, I have been taking all of these different sets of interview questions and combining them into one large set, looking for any overlap or questions that could easily be combined. Then, my job was to take the large list and consolidate it into the best fifteen interview questions for each position, while taking special care to not include any items that are covered by our E-Screens. I did this for seven different positions this week.

In the little bit of downtime that I have had, I have also continued work on some of my Talent Acquisition projects.  For example, I have started sourcing for the Fall 2015 State Personnel Department intern, and completed many short descriptions of the companies that will be participating in the Employment Opportunity Fair at the Indiana Black Expo.  

The exciting adventures of Brad the Intern continues next time with the Indiana State Department of Health.

Until next time,

 Brad the Intern 

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