Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Daily Operations - by Joshua Fox

After my rotation with the Indiana State Department of Health, where I witnessed and learned the daily operations of a human resources department, I began working with small field operations, which handles human resources issues for departments that have centralized. As my fellow intern has previously stated, the strategic centralization effort by the State of Indiana has transformed the way departments perform HR functions. The efficiency is truly remarkable. During my previous blog, I conveyed that one of the most useful skills I have developed during my time with the State was my ability to multitask. This proved to be useful in the next area of my rotation. Working in Small Field Operations at the State of Indiana requires making a sincere effort everyday prioritizing tasks and balancing interests. Although this department is fast-paced and innovative, I felt very comfortable asking my mentors questions or for clarification at any time, and learned a tremendous amount.

Staying with the theme of innovation and improvement, my next project involved utilizing a previously foreign aspect of our HRIS, in order to progress our ability to appraise our employees. After compiling extensive position data into a database, and testing different approval paths based on organizational structure, a strategy was developed in order to introduce the software to multiple agencies.
Each generalist in small field operations has several agencies that he/she performs services on behalf of. It was remarkable to see the balance that had to be displayed in order to satisfactorily manage all interested parties. This also gave me an insight as to how recruiting and other human resources strategies are modified and personalized to fit each department’s needs.

My rotation in small field operations clarified my career goals, as I now know I want to seek a career as an HR generalist, rather than a specialist. Managing different interests requires prioritization and planning while organizing multiple projects. Furthermore, every day is different than the previous one. In my mind, the prospect of coming to work everyday, not knowing what to expect, is truly exciting.

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