Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Intern Nicole Learned at DOC

My time at the Department of Correction has been very interesting.  I started my first week with the department working on a project to improve their FML tracking process.  This was a particularly interesting project because I was able to call all of the hiring managers from each correctional facility and speak with them about what happens when an employee calls in to use their FML time.  In the middle of working on this project, I learned that there was a vacancy that needed filled at the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility.  They were in need of temporary assistance to fill in as a human resource generalist until they were able to permanently fill the position.  Luckily, I live near Pendleton so I was asked to fill the void while they train their new hire. Needless to say, my time with the Department of Correction has provided me with vast experience in the field of human resources.  I have been doing the work of a human resource generalist for three weeks now and it has been a great learning experience.  I have been dealing with workers compensation claims and helping to track employee’s FML usage.  I have also been able to communicate often with employee relations and the state’s worker’s compensation claims specialist.  It has been exciting to be able to fill the shoes of an actual HR generalist.

I feel as if I have also gained life experience and bragging rights from my time with the Department of Correction.  This past week I was able to tour the Pendleton Correctional Facility, which was quite an experience.  It was interesting to see how a maximum security prison operates and I know my friends are jealous that I was able to tour one of the state’s largest maximum security correctional facilities.

The new employee for the Pendleton Juvenile Facility starts this week, so I will be moving on to intern with the Small Field Operations division of State Personnel.  This internship has been great thus far and I am excited to see what Small Field Ops has to offer!

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